Jun 6th, 2023

CommMA Summer Workshops 2023

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CommMA Summer Workshops 2023. Registration is now open!

CommMA Summer Workshops aim to provide basic tools for Communication Design to CommMA candidates and anyone who is interested in acquiring new skills. These courses are designed to introduce the basic methods of communication and type design, including graphic design, photography, drawing and making, and digital type design. Participants choose which area they are interested in or related to their focus.

Course period: June 6th–25th, 2023.

Course offered:
1. Photography Fundamentals (Every Saturday, 9:00-12:00)
2. Introduction to Digital Type Design (Every Saturday, 13:00-16:00)
3. Introduction to Graphic Design through Print (Every Sunday, 9:00-12:00)
4. Introduction to Drawing and Making as a Tool (Every Sunday, 13:00-16:00).

Fee: 9,000 THB per course.

Registration period: May 9th–31st, 2023.
1. Fill in the application form via
2. If your application is accepted, the payment methods and courses’ details will be sent to your provided email.

More details about each course and instructor can be found here:

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